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Housing Providers
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Housing Providers

EAC’s HousingCare is popular, attracting around 14k visits most weekdays and 9k on weekend days.

By far its most popular content are the pages of its retirement housing directory which receive c.5 million unique page views a year. The purpose of the housing directory is to provide information in the same format for every retirement housing scheme or development in the UK, so that our site users can compare them easily, and figure out which, if any, they would be eligible for, would suit them, and they could afford.

We don’t charge housing providers to present their housing schemes on our site. Nor do we charge for the extra pages of information we show about some schemes – this is a reward for fully completing our extended questionnaire, and gaining the EAC Quality of Information Mark (QI Mark).

Callin Court in Chester is an example of a scheme with the EAC QI Mark.

However a number of housing providers choose to subscribe to a service that provides them with additional benefits, and helps us maintain the website and accompanying independent, impartial and professional telephone advice service. We call them Friends of EAC. Will you join them?

Subscribing Friends benefit from:

  • Additional branding for your company;
  • Ability to add extra photos, brochures and videos;
  • Ability to post short ads for currently available properties;
  • Links from our site to yours;
  • Acknowledgement that you are helping to support the HousingCare website and our telephone service EAC Advice.

Our current housing provider subscribers and Friends are:

Subscriptions range from as little as £500 + VAT per annum, depending on the size of your retirement housing portfolio and the package of benefits you choose.

With all subscribers we commit to working with you to maximise the impact of your support for EAC.

We are happy to introduce you to colleagues in other provider organisations who already subscribe to our service.

We offer a 3 month trial subscription (at 30% of annual cost) to all newcomers. 

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