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Annual Reports

In our latest report covering 2022, and published in December 2023, Trustees provided this overview of the year:

The detailed work that we have done over the last year to understand the new landscape of information and advice services to older people and their families has been challenging, but is proving enormously helpful in thinking about EAC’s future role.

EAC’s starting point, since its inception in 1985, is that ageing successfully requires thinking and planning ahead to ensure that the home we live in is ‘age friendly’ and the support services we might need are available, accessible and affordable. We were the first national organisation to devise information and advice service dedicated to helping people to do this, and over the years we encouraged and supported the creation of similar local services in many parts of the country.

But our recent fact-finding has shown how patchy, and precarious the availability of fully independent ‘housing and care options’ advice services has become. This against an increasingly sombre backdrop of Covid’s lingering impact on older people, continuing delays to reform and re-funding of social care, the re-emergence of pensioner poverty and the reality of a national housing stock still largely unfit to age in, and now more expensive even to heat.

So as we continue to work on our own forward plan, we are clear that our imperative must be to find ways of leveraging EAC’s very limited resources, its networks, IP assets and expertise to make maximum impact on the availability and quality of ‘housing options’ advice to those many older people who remain ill-served.

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