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EAC’s HousingCare is website used by many, if not most, older people or their family members who are considering or looking for a retirement property. It attracts around 14k visits most weekdays and 9k on weekend days. Pageviews of our retirement housing directory pages exceed 5 million a year.

The purpose of the housing directory is to provide information in the same format for every retirement housing scheme or development in the UK, so that our site users can compare them easily, and figure out which, if any, they would be eligible for, would suit them, and they could afford.

EAC is not an estate agency, so we don’t compete in any way with you. What we aim to do is to place short ads for properties you have on the market on our pages that profile retirement housing developments. Prospective customers are offered your phone number or a customer enquiry form that we forward to you – or we can link them directly to a page on your own site.

Our service is used by several agencies that specialise in retirements sales or lettings.

  • Churchill Sales & Lettings
  • Girlings Retirement Rentals
  • McCarthy Stone Resales
  • My Future Living
  • Retirement Homesearch

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